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There are several things you need to consider before riding a motorcycle, and it’s won’t be too long before new riders find out that it takes commitment to become a good motorcyclist. Patience is truly a virtue if you want to learn how to safely and properly ride a motorcycle. Below, we’re giving you the most essential things you need to consider before you hop on your bike and hit the road.

But first, why do people love motorcycling? Here are a few reasons.

It makes you feel good and look cool

It is an exciting experience to ride a motorcycle. It looks fun, dangerous, and exciting, and the one who rides it is the same. The exhilarating experience cannot be replicated when riding a car. Riding a motorcycle is therapeutic in the sense that you are more exposed to the scenery around you as opposed to a car. The colors of nature more vivid and the sound more distinct than the buzz in the background of your day-to-day life.

It is good for the health

The two-wheel beast is deemed a death trap by most non-riders. However, motorcycling is good for the health. Riding a bike strengthens the muscles and promotes healthier and stronger knees and thighs. Steering the bike and slowing it down strengthens the muscle in the stomach and improves the core strength.

Controlling the bike is a continuous resistance exercise and helps burn calories faster. Riding a motorcycle is a low-impact workout that increases the insulin sensitivity of riders, and increases weight loss. Wearing a proper helmet, along with the correct handlebars, footpegs, and sets, improves neck strength. But with the wrong gadgets, you are at risk of neck and back pains. To ensure you’re getting the right gadgets, check out Krazy Katz Moto Gear. We offer a wide range of accessories and gears that are appropriate for your motorcycling needs.

It calms your mind and improves your mood

Riding a motorcycle creates an adrenalin rush, activates the endorphin, and improves the mood as well the mental outlook. You are refreshed and energized after each ride. Being soaked under the sun also activates your vitamin D, which improves your mood.  Your mind is also a lot calmer after a ride, and you are generally happier. With such a positive attitude, you will likely improve your physical health.

It improves your social skills

Riders and motorcycle enthusiasts have Riders’ Clubs and brotherhoods. They go on joy rides and support good causes. The experience enhances your sociability and allows you to build a wider network.

It is practical and economical

A motorcycle consumes less gas than cars, takes less space than any four-wheel drive, and is easier to park. Commuting is taxing, and being in a car stuck in traffic is even more stressful. When you choose a motorcycle over a car, you spend less on gas, toll, parking fees, and maintenance fees.

It takes a few hours to learn the basics of riding a motorcycle, and about three to five days of practice to ride a motorcycle. It’s even shorter if you already know how to ride a bicycle. It may take a few months of frequent riding to be comfortable with the maneuvers.

But to be good at riding a motorcycle takes one to two years. Bigger, overpowering, intimidating motorcycles need more time to be comfortable with. But motorcycling is continuous lifetime learning.

The form and controls of motorcycles are standard. There is no need to relearn when changing from one motorcycle to another. However, the speed controls, changing lanes, maneuvering, making U-turns, balancing the weight of the motorcycle, and controlling the clutch and gears may take time to master.

Another important thing that takes time is learning road discipline and having a high level of mental resilience. Many different things happen on the road all the time, such as accidents, alterations, and worse, road rage. One should be tough-minded to survive the biker life. A heightened situational awareness, that is staying focused on driving while being mindful of other vehicles, is also necessary and takes time to achieve.

Men and women, whether in their teens, twenties, or older can learn to ride a motorcycle. As said earlier, it is easier to learn the basics of motorcycling if you know how to ride a bicycle or can drive a manual car. Some are fast learners. If you practice frequently and responsibly, you will become more comfortable and less nervous on your motorcycle. Always be extra cautious when on your rides and make sure to have good comfortable gears.

As for gender, the number shows that there are 1 out of 5 riders that are women. From that, most are millennials. The rise in numbers is because the industry now recognized the women’s economic impact and thus the rise of store & shops that specializes on women’s need, like Krazy Katz Moto Gears. There are also international women biker groups present in different countries around the globe that support female riders on and off their bikes. There is also a women-only yearly event of ride and camp gathering.

There are certainly several benefits of riding a motorcycle for any gender or age group. But with more and more people hitting the road on their two wheels, learning the basics is crucial, and even a matter of life and death. Here are some points to remember before your first ride.

  1. The first thing you must do is to secure is your license or driver’s permit.  There is a temporary motorcycle permit that requires you to pass a written exam. Next is the professional driver’s license. If you are planning to join motocross competitions, there’s another type of license needed for that.
  2. It is also necessary to attend a Rider training and Safety Course, especially for first-time drivers. Usually, this is not mandatory. However, it is beneficial because it will provide you comprehensive learning about road regulations, traffic laws, and traffic signs. Safety skills such as street etiquette, balance, control on the clutch and throttle, as well as maneuvers to avoid a collision, will be acquired. Professionals will give you valuable tips and skills you can use to be safe on the road. Theories learned will be put to practice in the hands-on riding experience. It will be done in a safe controlled area supervised by professional drivers.
  3. Motorcycling, like any driving, poses risk and danger. The disadvantage of being on a motorcycle during accidents is that the impact results in bodily injury. The car is safer in the sense that it receives the initial blow and not the riders, plus the advantage of airbags. To minimize the risk of inquiry, one should be equipped with good comfortable gears.

Protective clothing guarantees comfort, and protection from the elements of nature such as wind, rain, insects, and stones and debris. It also reduces fatigue as it keeps you warm and dry from bad weather, and cool when under the sun. A safety vest, usually bright and reflectorized, makes you visible for others to see especially on dark raining days or nights. Here are other tips to keep in mind when choosing a gear:

  • Your motorcycle helmet should be certified and with the necessary stickers to prove it.
  • Your motorcycle jackets should have amours and back protectors that will provide initial protection to your body when accidents or collisions happen.
  • Your motorcycle pants should be made of abrasion-resistant fabrics.
  • Your motorcycle should protect your feet with sturdy reinforcements.
  • Your motorcycle gloves should fully cover your fingers and wrist.
  • If your helmet is not full-face or does not have a visor, a pair of goggles is necessary. Sunglasses will also provide the protection you need from the UV rays as well as from flying particles and insects that may get into your eyes.
  1. Before your first ride, practice on your motorcycle in a safe area. Slowly transition into practice riding in real traffic. During these practice rides, you should check that you have a good fit for your motorcycle and that your motorcycle is not overpowering you. Plan and prepare for your first ride. Take a back rider with you in case of trouble, or better yet, ask a friend to ride along with you on your first rides. Check your motorcycle before every ride, especially when going for long drives.
  2. Do not overdo the alterations and modifications of your motorcycle. It will be harder to handle.
  3. Do not drink and drive. It will alter your sensory perceptions as well as lower your mental awareness. The same reasoning goes for driving while on drugs.

Motorcycling is a physical, outdoor activity. Riding out in the weather needs physical strength as well as mental alertness. It can be mentally exhausting particularly in a heavy-traffic area. But the exhilarating experience is quite rewarding. But always remember, safety comes first.

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