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About Us

The world of motorcycle riding has always been known as male dominated and focused on men. Times have changed with nearly 20% of  motorcycle owners being women, and an even larger percent of women who are passengers. These ladies in the biker world need a one-stop-shop where they can purchase gear and apparel designed specifically for them at an affordable price. A spot that focuses on the women who ride their own or as a passenger. That’s where I come in.

Hi, my name is Katrina Whitney also known as Krazy Kat and I’m the owner of Krazy Katz Moto Gear, an all women’s motorcycle gear and apparel shop. 

As bikers, we know how expensive it could be to own a motorcycle and what we expect to spend on our bikes and accessories. When I first became a biker and entered into the MC world, I tried to locate a budget-friendly store that offers a variety as well as selection of woman’s moto attire, but it was nowhere to be found. This is where my vision started and later my entrepreneur journey would begin. It’s where I decided to create what I was looking for!


Now for a little about me…


I have been bold, a badass, a rebel, a hippie, but most of all crazy, in a fun way of course. My family has always considered me a little extreme because they never know what my next move is going to be.   I’m spontaneous and not afraid of taking risks. Being a little “krazy” is part of my personality and partly how I grew up.

I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 20 years old, so I became a mom figure overnight and tried my best to take care of my three younger sisters at a young age.  I’ve always had to figure things out in a lot of situations that I never asked for.  With that said, I personally know how life could be cut short so I truly believe in taking risks and chances when every you get the opportunity.  To be thankful for being here and enjoy each day as much as possible.

Fast forward to my partner and long term relationship where I became a stepmom. He was a biker and while it was fun being his passenger, deep down I longed to be riding on my own.

It probably didn’t help that on my corporate job, I was working with Jesse James (Mr. West Coast Choppers), a huge inspiration to me and who actually encouraged me to ride.

Then the universe shifted! I experienced one of the most difficult moments in my life. My partner and I split, so I essentially lost the family we were building, and during the same time I left my job as well.

Not wanting to go back into the dating world, I decided to do something I always desired. That’s when I signed up to take a riding class. With no experience, I got my license, bought a Harley Davidson Sportster and have been riding ever since.


After a year of riding, I was in a bad accident where I broke my arm and thumb (and the road rash, OMG). Shortly thereafter, I was laid off while on disability. Like an open road, I took the opportunity to research and launch Krazy Katz. I combined my business development background, my passion for riding, and my own personal desire to have a place to shop for women’s biker apparel that is modern, stylish, and affordable.

During a global pandemic, Krazy Katz was born. Entrepreneurship has been a roller coaster, but I’m excited to go full throttle and provide the best selection for my fellow riders!


Of course, I’m still riding. I go hard. I upgraded to a HD Road King and I’m a patch holding member of The Rowdy Ones Motorcycle Club (a sisterhood I cherish).

I am extremely passionate about empowering female riders. Krazy Katz MotoGear is just the start. I plan to create bike events to bring to the community, even riding lessons, specifically for women. Stay tuned!


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