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These days, a lot of women are into motorcycle riding. In the USA, women motorcycle riders make up around 19% in 2018. Since riding a motorcycle requires appropriate attire, you have to wear the right gear and apparel to stay safe while driving around. Searching for the right gear and apparel can be quite difficult for women as there are very limited choices available. 

At Krazy Katz, it is our mission to help women bikers find the perfect gear and apparel that will fit their needs. In this article, we will be sharing women’s biker clothing tips to help you get started. If you want to find out more information, make sure to continue reading below to find out. 

Riding a motorcycle requires wearing appropriate gear to ensure the safety of the rider. Injury prevention and safety are necessary and should be always considered among motorcyclists. 

What should women wear while riding a motorcycle? Just like men, women need to wear a full-face helmet, long pants, boots or comfortable shoes that cover the ankles, a comfortable but durable jacket, and protective gloves to keep their hands safe. 


When riding a motorcycle, women must find appropriate attire that will look great and still keeps them safe. You can look for an attire that looks good on you and allows you to express yourself, all while managing to keep you safe while you ride. 

Full-Face Helmet – When riding a motorcycle, it is necessary to wear a helmet no matter how far the distance is. It should be a full-face helmet; never settle for a half helmet. Riding motorcycles can be dangerous, especially if you lack the necessary gear. Head injuries are common for motorcyclists that lack the proper safety gear when they ride a motorcycle. You don’t want to risk getting into an accident, so so wearing a full-face helmet can really make a difference. 

Long Pants – Women should wear long pants while riding motorcycles. Thick denim jeans are great options, but if you prefer jeans made from leather or other synthetic materials, these are also a good option to consider. Thick, long pants can help protect your legs from the heat from both the exhaust pipe and the engine, which can result in burns if you’re not careful. It can also keep your legs protected if an accident happens. 

Boots – Women should wear ankle-covering boots while riding motorcycles. This can keep your feet and ankles protected during the motorcycle ride. For women who do not like wearing boots, there are plenty of fashionable ankle covering boots that can be perfect for expressing your fashion style while keeping yourself protected during the ride. When buying boots, always choose the right size as wearing the wrong size can lead to foot pain and inadequate foot protection during the bike ride.  

A Jacket With Long Sleeves – Women should also wear a jacket with long sleeves when riding a bike. A jacket made from synthetic materials or leather is a great option to think about. The important thing to remember is a material that provides full protection for your arms and upper body. A long-sleeved jacket made of thick material will help protect your skin from road debris like glass, rocks, or anything that can shoot up from the vehicle in front of you. 

Gloves – Gloves can provide your hands with the protection that you need while riding and give you a good grip on your motorcycle handlebars. If something happens and you end up falling off your bike, thick gloves can help protect your hands if you put them up in front of you to break your fall.

The types of clothing that we’ve mentioned above are the right kind of motorcycle clothing that you should be riding to guarantee your safety when you ride. These types of clothing provide full coverage, which is essential protection on a motorcycle ride.


We will discuss the type of clothing that you must avoid while riding your motorcycle. Check out the following clothing items below. 

Skirts – While wearing a skirt is always a great fashion choice, it is not the best option when you’re riding a motorcycle because it can be very uncomfortable and dangerous. A skirt can flap about and can obstruct your vision while riding. If you wear a tight skirt, it can be uncomfortable and even restrict your leg movement which can be dangerous as it will affect how you maneuver the motorcycle. 

High heeled shoes – Wearing shoes with high heels while riding the motorcycle is a big no-no. Riding a motorcycle requires you to wear flat shoes so you can maintain the right traction that you will need to keep your feet flat on the footpegs and clutch pedal. Shoes with high heels can make it difficult to stay still on the pedals, especially while riding and maneuvering the motorcycle. 

Flip flops – During summertime, flip-flops are popular. However, it is not recommended for you to wear them while riding a motorcycle because this can make your feet prone to exhaust and engine heat and it will not provide your feet with the protection that it needs in the event of an accident. 

A tank top or shirts with short sleeves – Wearing tank tops or short-sleeve shirts is not advisable as it exposes your skin and other parts of your body that can be easily damaged or injured if an accident occurs. It will also be hard for you to ride comfortably because your exposed skin will be prone to sunburns and flying debris while you ride. 

Shorts – Wearing shorts is not a good idea while riding your motorcycle. If you wear shorts, it will expose your legs which means less protection from the heat of the motorcycle and from any accidents that may suddenly occur. The exhaust pipes and engine tends to get extremely hot so you can get burnt easily if you wear shorts on a motorcycle. 

Pay attention to how you wear your hair – Women with long hair must pay attention to how they wear their hair while riding a motorcycle. Make sure to avoid fixing your hair in tight braids or buns on the top part of your head. These can be tugged down when you wear your helmet and can cause bulges or pressure points that can quite uncomfortable. 

You must wear your hair in a low ponytail or braid that can be tucked away in your helmet. This can prevent your hair from moving around while you wear your helmet and prevent it from blocking your view while you’re driving. The wind can cause your hair to become messy and get all over your face, which can cause accidents. 

Women love using purses, but when riding a motorcycle, it is not recommended to wear one. One reason is that it can flap about and can break off, hitting other vehicles while you are on the road. You can use the motorcycle’s compartment or a saddlebag to keep your belongings safe. You can also consider using a backpack as it is more safe and reliable than a purse. 

A cellphone is important to have, but you cannot easily keep it in place while riding a motorcycle. You cannot just simply store it inside your jeans as pockets are usually small and it can cause the phone to bulge out which can affect your movement while maneuvering the motorcycle. 

You can store your phone inside your jacket if it has large pockets that can keep your phone secured to help stop it from falling out while you are riding your motorcycle. If you need your phone for navigation such as a GPS, you can get attachments that can be clipped on the handlebars to hold and keep the phone from falling out. 

Avoid wearing earpieces while riding your motorcycle. These can affect your hearing and prevent you from being more aware of your surroundings. You can use a speaker system or a Bluetooth helmet if you need audio while you’re driving. 

If you are a new motorcycle rider and you need help getting motorcycle gear and apparel, Krazy Katz is here for you. We understand the way you feel as it can be quite frustrating finding the right clothing, gear, and apparel that will keep you safe and protected while riding the motorcycle. If you need help, you can contact us by filling up this form here

You can also request a quote for pinstriping or tailoring. Please let us know what you need so we can assist you better. If you want to check out our gear and apparel, you can click this link here. You can check out our gallery here

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun hobby and you must be safe and protected while doing so. Just make sure to follow the tips we discussed above so you can still have fun and enjoy while riding your motorcycle. 

Are you searching for women’s biker gear and apparel? If you are based in Pomona, CA, make sure to check out Krazy Katz. We are offering women’s biker gear and apparel, if you need help finding the right items for your needs, please contact us. You can call us at (909)242-6971 or send us an email at We are located in Pomona, CA 91768. If you are having a hard time searching for the perfect biker gear and apparel, allow us to help you find them. What are you waiting for? Contact us today! 


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